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Sedecordle Game

Meet a new word puzzle game called Sedecodle.You have a good chance to try it just now. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional player, this will be a challenge for you. It’s like wordle, but more exciting. Your task will be to find the secret word. You should solve 16 wordles at once. You have only 21 tries to guess 16 magic words. You may be lucky and guess the word the first time or be able to guess the letter in other words.

How to play Sedecordle?


Open Sedecordle in your browser and you will be greeted by the welcome page. Select daily sedecordle if you want to play the daily puzzle and don’t know the rules. Select free sedecordle if you have some practice and you want to play unlimited puzzles.


Learn the grid. Look at the top of your grid there are the numbers in a row. Each number is for a hidden word. When you solve the word it will turn green. You can jump to a puzzle by clicking on the number that you want on the top. You may use fullscreen if you want. There are 2 options back/new. Use back if you want to choose a different game mode. Use new if you want to get a new Sedecordle but this is only for the free version.


Guess your first word. Try to take the words with consonants and vowels. Type a valid 5 letter word in the grid. Tap the Enter button. After each attempt, the color of the cells will change: GREEN - right letter and right place, YELLOW - right letter and wrong position, GREY - wrong letter and wrong position.


See your Sedecordle’s response and provide feedback. You can view all the words in your current puzzle using the scroll bar on your right. Watch the result of your attempt (when you type your first word, you will see your letters in all 16 words). Remember, that all the words will be different.


Look through the letters, think the words. Try another guess. You have 21 attempts to guess 16 mysterious words. Good luck!

Did you like Sedecordle Game?

Sedecordle is one of Wordle's variants allowing you to solve many puzzles at once. If you‘re looking for something challenging it will be very exciting.Here you can find what you need to know about Sedecordle and how you can start to play. First of all, you should know the fact that when you open the game for the first time, you’ll see daily and free options. You can choose according to your preferences: if you don’t know the rules of the game and want to learn them, choose the free version that allows you to play the daily puzzle. In this way, you’ll do a new puzzle every day. If you know the rules choose the free sedecordle and enjoy unlimited puzzles. In this game your task is to find 16 magic 5-letter words. These words are hidden in the grid on your screen, and each guess will count towards each word. This means that your first attempt to guess the word will apply to all words and their corresponding correct and wrong letters will be displayed. You can use it as a feedback for correct or not correct letters to frame your new attempt. You have a total of 21 tries when you are trying to guess all 16 words. If you guess the letters and put them in the right place you will see green color in the answer, but if only the position of the letter is incorrect it will be displayed in yellow color and in the case you are completely wrong, the letters will be gray.